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Peter Kanan

"awkward Pete"

Awkward Pete, their 22 year old son, serves as Kanan’s Rules sound engineer, producer, editor and all-around badass. Awkward Pete is quick to chime in, “The first time I met Sean he told me that I didn’t have to call him ‘Daddy’ right away cuz it took my mom a week. That’s when I knew the meaning of the word awkward. Naturally, I upped the stakes and showed him ‘Lonely Island’s Mother Lover’ (a Saturday Night Live skit starring Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg as friends who seduce each other’s mother). Sean laughed hysterically and I knew we would be tight. When Sean sent it to his mom, I knew we would be family.”

Sean Kanan

michele kanan

Michele is creator of Flip Creative, a film and television production company. Her extensive philanthropy work includes being a delegate to the AMA and Tobacco Free Coalition for California. She formerly owned and operated a day spa, a smoking cessation clinic and sleep lab facility all while raising 4 kids as a PTA mom. Currently, Michele is in pre-production on "I'm A Soap Star", development on a feature film called "Life's 2 short" and writing a script called "All I Want for Christmas".

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL’s Sean Kanan and wife, Michele Kanan co-host the internet radio show, Kanan’s Rules. Every Wednesday at 8pm PST the show offers listeners a glimpse into the life of daytime television’s bad boy as the husband and wife duo share tips, secrets, stories, opinions, and witty banter. Kanan’s Rules reveals the trials, tribulations, obstacles, achievements and triumphs of the couple’s day-to-day relationship. Almost no topic will be off limits as they discuss careers, romance, politics, religion, current events, the latest trends and the challenges and joys that come with raising a blended family of teenagers in Hollywood.      

When asked to comment on the Kanan's Rules show topics, Sean explains, “Five years ago I lived in a bachelor pad in the Hollywood Hills. I came and went as I pleased. Now I live with a wife, 5 kids, 2 dogs and lots of estrogen. The culture shock alone provides enough topics to last the next ten years!” Michele is quick to chime in, “Despite the learning curve, we make a great team. Let's be honest, living with Sean is like a carnival ride sometimes because I never know where we're gonna be or how we will get stuff done. We have lots of shenanigans, but we manage to excel at our careers and more importantly, at being a family circus.” 

But Sean wasn't the only one experiencing culture shock, Michele was living in the suburbs, carpooling, and running a successful medical practice and day spa. One day she decided to make a movie and fast forward, Michele finds herself and her teenagers living with the bad boy of daytime and producing a movie.

Heavily laced with humor, the couple welcomes guests from the world of Hollywood, celebrities, experts in various fields, friends and other interesting personalities that may drop in to join the conversation and share their experiences and insight about navigating in Hollywood. 

Sean is the author of The Modern Gentleman; Cooking and Entertaining with Sean Kanan. He started his career as the bad boy of Karate, Mike Barnes in Karate Kid III. He went on to work with Coppola, Stone, and made his way to daytime as AJ Quartermaine on ABC's General Hospital to Deacon Sharpe on CBS's The Bold and The Beautiful where you can see him weekdays at 12pm.  Sean currently reoccurs on HLN's Showbiz Tonight with AJ Hammer and appears at various comedy clubs doing stand-up.

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We are the kids your parents warned you about and now we have kids of our own. Hear how we manage to have a daytime soap  opera steamy romance while juggling careers, 5 kids, andHollywood craziness.

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